Number of training sessions, workshops, or conferences conducted, by type

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Data Type(s): 
Count, qualitative
Short Definition: 
Captures the number of activities conducted for the purpose of sharing knowledge and/or improving KM skills
Definition and Explanation (Long): 
This indicator refers to the number of activities, led by an organization, among either internal or external users, for the purpose of sharing knowledge and/or improving KM skills. “Training” is defined as knowledge transfer conducted in order for individuals to gain KM competence or improve skills (Nadler, 1984).
Data Requirements: 
Self-report of the number of training sessions, workshops, and conferences conducted, by type Qualitative information should also be reported wherever possible.
Data Sources: 
Administrative records
Frequency of Data Collection: 
This indicator focuses on what type and how many KM training sessions, workshops, and conferences, for example, are conducted to share knowledge or improve KM skills. These activities can be conducted either online or face-to-face and with either internal or external users who are KM practitioners or are the ones who make decisions about an organization’s KM activities.
Issues and Challenges: 
Such events seek to share information, tools, and resources that can improve the KM skills of individuals and/or organizations. These sessions can help strengthen KM capacity within and among organizations. These events can be useful for sharing KM approaches widely, even if only certain project staff members participate directly. The participants can then hold internal trainings or de-briefings to share the information that they obtained in their organization. Internal training or de-briefing can help ensure that knowledge, tools, and skills are spread across project staff and not concentrated in the hands of a few. It is also important to evaluate the quality of these activities, including how much was learned and the ways in which processes or behaviors changed as a result of participation in these events.
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  • 2013
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