About GHKC Knowledge Management Indicator Library


The Global Health Knowledge Collaborative (GHKC) Knowledge Management (KM) Indicator Library offers a set of tools and comprehensive guidance to anyone designing KM activities and measuring KM approaches, in particular those who working in the field of global health and development.The KM Indicator Library includes tools such as a logic model and a searchable database that contains 42 original common indicators from the GHKC’s well-regarded Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating Knowledge Management in Global Health Programs as well as over 30 additional indicators developed and vetted by the GHKC Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) task team. The KM Indicator Library updates past editions of the guide, and moves it to an online format, making it more accessible to health and development professionals around the world.

Intended Users

The intended users for the KM Indicator Library consist of KM professionals, communication staff, M&E staff, and program managers whose health and development work involves managing and sharing knowledge. These audiences can use the guide in all phases of a KM activity—design, implementation, and M&E. This guide may also prove useful to any program manager interested in enhancing impact through a strategy of developing, collecting, and sharing knowledge.


The contents of this site were developed by an interdependent team of writers, contributors, reviewers, web developers, and editors. It represents a truly collaborative effort of the GHKC, particularly the 10 members of the M&E task team,  who represent various organizations, and have the specific objective of advancing the design, implementation, and measurement of KM in global health programs. See the list of professionals who have contributed to the GHKC KM Indicator Library and its past editions of the  Guide.