Leadership and staff support for adaptive practices

Indicator Number: 


Logic Model Component: 

Data Type(s): 
Categorical scale, qualitative
Short Definition: 
Refers to the extent to which leaders and staff demonstrate support for the adaptive management of a project, program, or initiative
Definition and Explanation (Long): 
This indicator refers to the extent to which leaders and staff of a project, program, or initiative support iterative approaches to learning and adapting. This may be self-reported or analyzed as a group or team, and may include awareness of the importance of adaptive practice.
Data Requirements: 
Qualitative and quantitative data from responses to questionnaires ​(using Likert scales) ​regarding ​the degree of support from leaders and staff in the use of iterative and adaptive approaches.
Data Sources: 
Periodic surveys
Frequency of Data Collection: 
Annually, or after specific activities
This indicator reflects the perception of staff and leadership in the utility of adaptive practices. Leadership that reinforces adaptive practices is a critical element of adaptive management of a project.
Issues and Challenges: 
Self-reported data may be biased or may not empirically represent the context or practice.
Sample Topics and Questions for Data Collection Instruments: 
On a scale of 1-5, 1 being not a lot, and 5 being a lot, how do you perceive leaders of this project, program, initiative to support the use of adaptive practices for managing the project, program, or initiative?

Published Year: 

  • 2017
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017